Antiseptic Spray
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Digital Stethoscope
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Cosmetic Containers
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Thermometer Gun
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Big Idea-Future Health Intervention in PPE Safety

DRAFT™ Shares the Beliefs of the World Economic Forum “One Needs Drive & Influence to Make Positive Change”

Dilemma Solved with DRAFT™ Diverter. Comfort is the Solution for Safer & Better Safety.

Patients dilemma choosing Unprotected Comfort over Safety – Now Solved.

Discomfort Diverted with DRAFT™ Technology Manufactured with Traditional PPE -Personal Protection Equipment.  Both disposable (FFR-Filtering Face-Piece Respirator) and reusable respirators (EHMR-Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators) holds the greatest power of protecting patients from harm due to the form fitting nature of a complete tight seal around the nose and mouth allowing only inhalation through filtration medium that is approved for a particular toxic environment exposure.

Our testing data shows DRAFT™ can reduce the heat index in the mask cavity by 40° Fahrenheit when used in conjunction with a standard N95 cup respirator.

Effects of heat index is related to your surrounding ambient conditions, not related to possible outcomes when only subjected to these conditions in the mask cavity, but it allows for a comparison of possible mask comfort outcomes.

Heat Index is a measure indicating the level of discomfort the average person is thought to experience as a result of the combined effects of the temperature and humidity of the air.


Change In Risky Unhealthy Behaviors Is Possible With Comfort.