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Digital Stethoscope
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DRAFT™ envisions a world where workers no longer have to sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to wearing respiratory protective equipment. Face masks have been used for thousands of years to protect people from respiratory irritants, hazards and disease, and today’s respirators have safety down to a science, so why hasn’t anyone figured out how to make wearing them less miserable? That’s the question that keeps DRAFT™ engineers up at night and hard at work during the day.

Through tireless innovation, DRAFT™ engineers have created patent pending technology that moves

Respiratory Equipment from Tolerable to Comfortable™

DRAFT™ will encourage a new generation of personal protective equipment. Our devices are designed to protect workers in industries like manufacturing, construction and health care and encourage compliance with PPE regulations and recommendations. By diverting exhaled air out of the breathing cavity, our devices significantly reduce heat, humidity, and fogging on goggles.


  • Go Fund Me
  • We‘re not saying we can do it alone. That‘s why we‘re here on GoFundMe. A solution for change this BIG not only for our nation but around the world requires an all in approach. A group of people willing to stand up and advance and scale a solution for real change. A force for good PPE.

    The national and international need is high and with funding we can reach out to stakeholders to collaborate and begin to move safety products to the next generation of comfort. DRAFT™ is a life-saving critical element that should be in every nation‘s pandemic toolkit.

    Funding DRAFT™ gives us the speed necessary to move this highly effective safety tool to the ―World Platform‖ pushing the safety industry to new better effective respiratory products focused on solving the discomfort. Creating a method of acceptance for users to access and accept ensuring the use of safety equipment now and into the future protects themselves and others, is a challenge we are fearlessly fighting but DRAFT™ needs support to conquer the misery in masks and respirators standard for the safety industry to evolve for the better.

    The value of comfort in safety will pay off in more ways than imaginable. Support ordinary people working towards extraordinary improvements in the safety for you, your family member, your community and the global workforce to have a comfortable alternative to safety. This is needed now and can only scale with your support. Ordinary people need comfort and ordinary people do not have a manufacturing plant in their backyard. Support a group of ordinary individuals who are working to bring you PPE You Want 2 Wear™.

    Together we can make this happen now. Comfortable PPE for the People by the People.

    Let‘s not waste another day. Let‘s change safety for the better now.

    We need funding for creative versions of the ―mask-filtered medium, form and shape‖ to scale viable products that will fulfill acceptance for scalability. Currently DRAFT™ prototypes are built to attach to competitors off the shelf respirators. The funding will allow the final step of creating DRAFT™ with the first filtered mask creating the look and feel appealing to our future customers needs for maximum design and comfort.

    Once our creative team has chosen the “form & medium” of the mask testing and benchmarking can begin ensuring the mask chosen allows for the best fit to assemble our DRAFT™ apparatus resonating with our supporters.

    DRAFT™ apparatus is purpose-built to ensure the user can breathe easier while wearing personal protection equipment known as masks and respirators. As accurate measurement matters just as much as comfort, our priority is to deliver trust and accurate results with the evaluation of DRAFT™ on the newly created mask one can begin to have consistent results for testing purposes. We need funding to contract with independent research and testing facilities to validate our results providing consistent and scalable solutions vetted by leading data scientists.

  • Future Kickstarter
  • Yes, without question we will be participating in a crowd funding campaign. DRAFT™ needs social capital to scale. We see DRAFT™ Innovation as an opportunity to critically improve America‘s Health and beyond. If we don‘t fix the flaw in PPE it is pretty obvious no one is currently willing to step up to the task of real innovation for critical impact at combating avoidable respiratory disease through reducing barriers for the patients who find it challenging to utilize PPE for their safety, livelihood and well being.

    DRAFT™ understands the need for comfort. PPE that is not properly worn is not effective. DRAFT™ would like the opportunity to develop PPE You Want 2 Wear™. To ensure DRAFT™ has the momentum to bring access to the individuals who want and need comfortable respiratory products, we feel social capital markets such as crowd funding are sometimes the only way some innovations can scale to market.

    Kickstarter is our ―maybe we could‖ change the world of safety. ―Maybe we could‖ fund the tech that can take safety‘s future to new heights of comfort and voluntary compliance. “Maybe just maybe‖ we can deliver the human right of comfort by seeking support from those who understand the challenge with wearing uncomfortable masks and respirators.

    The pandemic has underscored the power of preparedness or lack thereof with essential protection methods in a time of crisis. History has proven careful preparedness and rapid response can limit loss of life, societal disruption and economic losses when appropriate action is taken place.

    New innovation could mean a world of difference for protecting American‘s lives in the future. We believe DRAFT™ innovation with significant public support and resolve will pivot our nation‘s leaders to begin making strides today towards innovation for future outbreaks in the future.

    Nations should not wait for the next pandemic to begin to innovate the next generation of safety products. DRAFT™ is here now. The best way to inform the global workforce struggling to protect themselves without comfort in hazardous conditions along with sharing the good news to high risk individuals that they too can have an attainable means of protecting themselves through comfort thus allowing them to stay connected in society is through the public awareness of a movement for change spread through social media.

    Social innovation as a force for real change, a force for good PPE can only be scaled by the people for the people‘s benefit as an alternative to waiting for industry to determine when improving life changing products are right to enter the marketplace to save lives.

    You heard our message and seen the design and test results. Now stand up for the development of PPE You Want and Need 2 Wear™. The key to moving comfort to safety is at the forefront of minimizing the unnecessary health consequences and the benefit of sharing relevant beneficial health information through social media on a global scale.

    The power of the people can amplify voices, instantaneously spread the knowledge that mankind should have access to basic methods of protection that are affordable and comfortable ensuring the ability to not only help themselves but foster a unified collective movement creating awareness for informing those in need of support such as respirators which are not only safe but easier to wear for long periods of time. The global impact that can take place now through sharing of ideas online can make a direct link to helping one another beginning today. Moreover, narrowing health disparities is not only the right thing to do it is also key method to improving our nation‘s overall health and reducing unnecessary health care costs.

    As many founders before her, DRAFT™‘s founder Deborah Millard, is sharing a new hashtag she was inspired to create from watching her husband fix the flaw in his half-face respirator while working with cement fibrous siding materials three stories high. As she puts it, he couldn‘t run away from the hazard so he figured a way to solve the design flaw of his respirator. From that day on an awakening to forge through many concepts and reworked trial and errors with an abundant of configurations past the elementary forms of innovation to the one today that is ready to scale to benefit the health of the people who find it difficult to wear uncomfortable PPE. They love to tell the personal stories of both of their different struggles with PPE to now embracing PPE and enjoying the hazardous working conditions with even more spring in their step knowing they are comfortable till the task at hand is complete.

    DRAFT is encouraging you to share the hashtag #DesignFlawSolved and spread the word that PPE in masks and respirators no longer has to be uncomfortable. Let‘s use the power of the people to bring comfort to PPE for the people

  • Joint Development Agreements
  • Without question the answer to the question is yes. As DRAFT™ technology has revolutionized the way standard masks and respirators using the cutting-edge apparatus and methodology to the next generation of performance based comfort the possible effect can have an instant effect into the delivery and reach to specific high risk individuals for a better method of protecting themselves during high risk exposures preventing illness with a new choice of voluntary comfortable protection products.

    This technology is the only current way, by way of a tentative fall USPTO patent capturing relief by eliminating the negative aspects of wearing safety protection in hazardous conditions. With this new opportunity to eliminate heat, humidity, smell and fogging on eyewear the possibility of directly improving mankind is now upon us.

    Let‘s begin to shatter the current standard to an alternative standard that resonates with both users and the government agencies which are in place to protect workers to focus on ensuring workers have access to healthy working conditions.

    If your team is up for supporting the greatest need in safety. Ensuring all those who find it challenging to utilize PPE for their safety, livelihood and well being, can easily access this new technology. We are up for working with you to ensure this makes a critical impact around the globe.

  • Licensing Available in Fall 2022
  • How do we advance and scale a solution for change not only for our nation but around the world as well? Well let’s face it. A solution this Big
    requires a Army of Advocates! A force for real change. A force for good PPE. Through humanitarian relief we can make a critical difference. Do
    you see the benefit for comfort in PPE. Contact us so we can begin to save lives together.

  • Future WWS4Life
  • WorldWide Solutions 4Life Syndicate shares a simple humanitarian goal to find methods to increase safety respiratory compliance and reduce avoidable occupational respiratory disease. The key method to maintain a healthy workforce is to bring awareness to the silent killers of hazardous particulates or toxins that might surround the worker’s environment.

    The Syndicate believes cost should not be a factor that determines whether an individual has access to the latest safety advancements. We work towards establishing compliance for all people with the ability to breathe better and to live longer with comfortable respiratory equipment

  • Future GRAI
  • Formed with shared expertise in life science and engineering field to test, research, perform clinical studies, educate, inform and develop better public sponsored or donated measures to allow access to begin domestically and internationally with critical impact to reach the workforce exposed to hazardous environments, and develop new methods of comfortable and accessible protection reducing avoidable respiratory diseases caused by non-compliance.