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DRAFT™ has developed multiple patent pending products that reduce heat, humidity, moisture and odors by over 99% and will allow a larger proportion of human compliance for every type of airborne exposure. These devices will soon be manufactured and brought to market allowing you A BETTER BREATHING EXPERIENCE™.

Continue to “Mask Up” to Help Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus. Austin Powers, Casablanca, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and others are reimagined with characters wearing face masks.

Disposable-It Looks the Same-But It Doesn't Feel The Same
Contact Us To See It for Yourself-99% Elimination of Heat, Humidity, Co2, & TRUE SOURCE CONTROL™

Half Face Respirators-It's On the Inside That Counts
ZERO CLEAR CAVITY™-High Performance Efficacy
99% Elimination of Heat, Humidity, Co2, Mositure on Googles

Do you think your expensive full face respirator is comfortable? You haven't felt TRUE COMFORT™ till you try DRAFT™. You will never go back and why would you? Get rid of dead air space and residual air with Zero Clear Cavity™

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We have reengineered the face mask, produced a positive air mechanical seal that reduces leakage. A mask’s effectiveness is only as good as it’s seal. When you wear a protective cup mask with our device and blow out, the mask stays tightly sealed. This gives both the wearer and bystanders alike the full benefit of the filter.

DRAFT is ideal for slowing the spread of COVID-19 by utilizing traditional mask applications. This is the next generation of mutually protective PPE and all of us at DRAFT are really excited for this technology to benefit people of the world.

Our Mask is easier to breathe in. It is more environmentally friendly since it is reusable. The device is easy to clean and disinfect without degrading the quality of the mask.

This is most definitely a Better Breathing Experience

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Because we believe safety equipment shouldn’t just meet minimal safety standards …..safety equipment should keep you safe by ensuring that all methods of mask and respiratory equipment meets a holistic approach protecting both your body and mind for LIFE-SAVING COMPLIANCE.

Is safety equipment worth its price tag if no one wants to use it?

DRAFT™ & WorldWide Solutions 4Life™ believes without TRUE COMFORT & SAFETY individuals in HAZARDOUS workforce conditions or during NATURAL & BIO-TERRORISM INFECTIOUS MICRO-ORGANISMS OUTBREAK are not protected if the general public does not have the propensity to utilize the products which are for their life-saving benefit.

How beneficial is safety equipment if you can’t tolerate wearing it when the risk requires it?

DRAFT™ technology addresses one of the greatest challenges standing in the way of stopping the COVID-19 pandemic: face mask compliance. DRAFT™ products ensure A BETTER BREATHING EXPERIENCE™ for use with unregulated nuisance disposable mask or disposable respiratory products.

This innovative technology will transform the drudgery of wearing face protection for compliance standards, pollution control, and particulate protection to a more comfortable experience enabling the user to choose You Want 2 Wear™.

DRAFT™ & WorldWide Solutions 4Life™ are working hard to move